If you often pick up this asteroid, you should ask yourself what is the reason for your necessity to behave opposite of how you feel or why you are afraid

Why you are afraid to be spontaneous. You need a support in your life, no matter whether you are male or female and irrespective of your profession. If you are actor in real life, than you might expect a great success, particularly if you have made question relating to your job. But, if you have made question or wish relating to your love life, than you are maybe in relationship with someone who is not honest with you and you are aware of it, unable to react accordingly. You feel as if you were expected  to act yourself, but you probably do not want such kind of communication, on the contrary, based on sincerity.

If you are single, you might have wrong opinion of someone whom you are likely to make acquaintance with and maybe think he /she is adorable, open-hearted person, but the truth might be the opposite. If your love relationship is in crisis, be honest but only to that extent that it is acceptable for your partner, on the contrary, you might worsen your relationship.

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