Asteroid Amor

Asteroid relating to love, similar to Eros but the difference is on putting the stress on emotions not on physical attraction. When you often get this asteroid, you are ready to fall in love or you have many admirers. If after this asteroid you get Karma, Valentine, Eros or Juno, your wish will probably come true if it relates to love. If you are single, you may expect an acquaintance that would lead you to nice love relationship. If you get asteroid Chiron or North or South Lunar Node, Eris, Conscience, you may have a guilty conscience.If you are doubtful as to the loyalty of your partner, you should not blame him/her on no evidence, just upon some rumour or your suspicions. There is nothing wrong with your love relationship. If you are single, you are likley fall in love very soon.

When it comes to your job, you will solve the problem easily if you address to those you love and for whom you are sure that you are also loved by. Without a sincere exchange of emotions you cannot be successful on job and you should engage yourself only in activities you are fond of.

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