Asteroid Arabia


This asteroid denotes your necessity to take a different attitude, to think over your possible errors since you have made unusual decisions regarding important issues. To obey the rules, laws and to know what are your priorities is very important if you want to be successful in the job as well as in love matters. You must learn how to present your knowledge as well as your qualities.
Respecting the hierarchy is also essential for those who want to solve their problems, especially in the sphere of emotional issues. Regardless of which segment of life your question refers to or your wishes, you need to be calm, do not rush to a decision and respect the other side irrespective of who it refers to. You want to have more excitement in your life, especially you want romantic love with some mysterious person that would make you feel unique, with much attention and passion.

If you are single, you can meet someone who will very soon want to marry you and who will not tolerate too unconventional behavior neither your hesitation. You are likely to be in a relationship with a very possessive partner.

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