Asteroid Armor

You feel unsecure and need protection. Maybe you feel lonely and desperate, abandoned after breakup with somebody you were very much in love. You need to feel secure but you are not able to control your emotions, whereupon you stick to your reserve style in communication refusing to be open minded or sincere, even with your close friends or family members. Anyway, you need to get rid of this kind of behaviour since you are aware that people refuse to communicate on such cold, distant way without sharing emotions. You are shy or embarrassed due to something that had happened to you or due to some disappointment. If you are a man, you pretend to be much stronger than you are, but if you are women you build attitude that make people believe that you are untouchable, because you want it.

You should think about your fear of being hurt. If you are passing through a rough period of having serious problems, don’t solve them avoiding to deal with the situation. The asteroid relates to your too rigid attitude or being introvert, particularly in a love relationship or the opposite, that you should be more reserved, depending on your behaviour. If you separated from someone who is still very dear to you a short while ago, you need not to be reserved or pretend that you don’t care for him/her. You should be honest and show your feelings.

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