Asteroid Italy

You are very romantic and have a need for romantic  adventures. You are great aesthete and like to travel. No matter where you live, your biggest desire is to go somewhere to rest and experience something nice. If your work has to do with art, this is a good asteroid that suggests success and the ability to experience the glory, to become extremely rich and popular. If you are a woman, you are flirting and you can like someone who is charming but unreliable, but if you are a man, you are a big  charmer and you love women. The asteroid is also good for issues related to work and love.

You are likely to have a romance somewhere, maybe on a trip or you may go out for fun in your city and there is someone waiting for you to be introduced and there it is. A new romance, maybe with a foreigner or with someone who has often travelled abroad. If you are at the moment out of your town, you might feel excited and you might start a new relationship with charming person.

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