Asteroid James Bond

If you are curious by nature, then this asteroid is in some way a suggestion the way you should continue to think. Search for the truth, but be prepared for the risks. Be a person of trust and do not reveal secrets about yourself or others. You may be exposed to dangers because of over-curiosity or you may be in some form of danger to fall in love with a person you do not know much about. In financial terms, this asteroid signifies risks, but also the ability to get big money, while when it comes to love, you are probably prone to flirt. If you are a woman, you like adventurers, and if you are a man you want to fascinate your girlfriend with your intelligence, but you are not faithful.

You have lead adventurous life, you have had many romances, marriages, but you are still very interested in women. If you are a lady, you are attracted to bold, charismatic type of men that you can control or to be controlled by them. You are likely to be in a relationship with someone who has had some problems with a law.If you are single, you might expect a new acquaintance with the very intriguing person that would not be indifferent towards you.

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