Chinese year of Purple fire Rooster from January 28,2017. – February 15, 2018.

Chinese year of Purple fire Rooster from January 28,2017– February 15, 2018.
This is the year under the influence of yin fire, denoting that the enthusiasm will not be so big as previous year. The symbol of yin fire is the candle light so people should be delicate and ready to compromise. The other name for this sign is Phoenix and the characteristic of this sign is strong logic, good planner. The Rooster is flexible and making quick decisions but not to be moody.

Rooster does not pay a log of patience to the opinion of others, but he can be perfected, stern, critically oriented wanted to be appreciated by others
As a tenth zodiac sign symbolizing the wealth, money, gemstones, jewels, fame and good organization. The bad traits are that he may have too emphasized dignity, pride, but he also can be patient and very devoted to the loved ones, he does not have the drive towards changing the love partners.

On the contrary, he is satisfied living with a single partner the whole life, especially if he /she deserves it.
Yin, weak metal, an element that rules the Rooster irrespective of the yearly element renders the opportunities for enlargement of wealth. While the previous year of the Red fire Monkey symbolized arms and aggression, now in the year of yin metal, it symbolizes the money.

Since the Rooster symbolizes the west as a direction, enemies, success, career and being incompatible with the element of fire, ruling element of this year, the greatest danger lies in self-destruction and conflicts.

Photo by : Fine Art America