Daily Chinese Horoscope

RAT (1912. 1924. 1936. 1948. 1960. 1972. 1984. 1996. 2008.)

October 17,2018.- Black water Horse day
You might have very nice meeting with someone who will offer you a good job or a kind of proposal to work together on a profitable project. Good relationship with a Monkey or Tiger who has expected to be supported by you, both socially and financially. You should try to rejoin with a Boar.

OX (1913. 1925. 1937. 1949. 1961. 1973. 1985. 1997. 2009.)

October 17,2018.- Black water Horse day
Very ambitious person who has been dealing with very important issues is interested to expand his business, taking you into consideration as a possible associate. You should try to be more polite and kind to a Dragon who has some remarks on your conduct.

TIGER (1914. 1926. 1938. 1950. 1962. 1974. 1986. 1998. 2010.)

 October 17,2018.- Black water Horse day
There is a lot of things you could do about your status on your job, but there are those who might have something against you and you will not have the chance to do what you want the you want. If you are single, you may be attracted to someone you often encounter with on your job.

RABBIT (1915. 1927. 1939. 1951. 1963. 1975. 1987. 1999.2011.)

October 17,2018.- Black water Horse day
External events, especially your social encounters or public obligations may positively influence your love life if you are single, but negatively if you are in relationship with a very possessive partner.There is little you can do to prevent some disputes about your partner

DRAGON (1916. 1928. 1940. 1952. 1964. 1976. 1988. 2000.2012.)

October 17,2018.- Black water Horse day
Strong element of water may indicate that your intentions and the way you interact with your partner weaken each other’s passion due to insincerity. You may be prone to delude yourself and to put your ego in the center of your attention.

SNAKE (1917. 1929. 1941. 1953. 1965. 1977. 1989. 2001.2013.)

October 17,2018- Black water Horse day
You  unconsciously provoke your partner  due to the strong element of water and strong element of fire which  makes you nervous and you are expecting from him to accept some of your shortcomings. It is necessary that someone keeps telling you that he loves you, especially a Rabbit.

HORSE (1918, 1930, 1942, 1954,.1966. 1978, 1990. 2002.2014.)

October 17,2018- Black water Horse day
You do not feel fine in the day with lot of water element so you should try to be calm not to be annoyed by trivialities nor to let yourself be easily provoked by a Rat or Boar. You need to feel free and you will be ready to start new job as a free lancer in order to express your creativity.

SHEEP (1919. 1931.1943. 1955. 1967.1979. 1991. 2003. 2015)

October 17,2018- Black water Horse day
Don’t bother about something that is not worth mentioning, rely upon yourself since you have a lot of talents you could monetise and you will have chance to to it. If you are in a relationship with Tiger or Monkey you might be under stress.

MONKEY (1920. 1932. 1944. 1956.1968. 1980. 1992. 2004. 2016.)

 October 17,2018.-  Black water Horse day
You are under the great pressure to start a job of to change the one you have been employed on for several years so far. Try to be more polite towards those who sincerely wish to help you. Be kind towards Ox or Sheep, they are trying to help you.

ROOSTER (1921. 1933. 1945. 1957. 1969. 1981. 1993. 2005. 2017.)

 October 17,2018.-   Black water Horse day
You should be more straightforward when talking to someone you have been attached with for a log time perhaps a Dog or an Ox. You need to be supported for your ideas and you will be able to do much more than you have expected on a job that is very demanding as to some specific skills.

DOG (1922. 1934. 1946. 1958. 1970. 1982. 1994. 2006.)

 October 17,2018.- Black water Horse day
If you are ready to reconcile with a Horse or Dragon, keep calm since you are likely be provoked by a joke on your account which is very irritating. Do not let anyone tell you what to do when it comes to the coopearation with a Monkey.

BOAR (1923. 1935. 1947. 1959. 1971. 1983. 1995. 2007.)

October 17,2018.-Black water Horse day
You would like to make arrangements with those who are very prominent when it comes to their job and you have been in good relations with them, perhaps a Rabbit or a Sheep. There is a lot more opportunities for job than you are aware of at present.