Asteroid Casanova

You lead a very active social life and if it is the contrary, you should consider to change your lifestyle.There is a bit of a snobbish behavior which makes you pompous, conceited but anyway very appealing. Very often you look like being too arrogant and self-sufficient, but in fact you would like to be admired.Men who often get this asteroid,while putting the question relating to the job, think they can solve all their problems relying on their charm and that their charisma is crucial.If the question relates to love, they are probably ignorant of the reason why their sweetheart does not respond adequately on their wooing.

For women this asteroid means the possibility to encounter with womanizer whom they would not be able to resist, while for men, it indicates that they are subject to promiscuous behavior. If you are looking for a job, use your charm as your strongest weapon to beat the competition.If you are searching for a job, you are using your charm, as the most powerful weapon with which you can win competitions.

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