The Month of the Gold earth Rooster

The Month of the Golden earth Rooster, September 7, -October6,2017.

The Chinese month of the Golden earth Rooster began at the time when, in the year of the Purple fire Rooster, it was the day of the Purple fire Rooster. The metal and earth metal yields the ability to realize plans and to realize some new ideas. When in the year, which is under the rule of yin fire element that symbolizes  a light of a candle it relates to the possibility of some old idea to be realized or the former love  to be renewed.

The month is especially suitable for born in the sign of Rabbit, Snake, Sheep, Ox, Rooster, Boar, because they can achieve great success. When the elements are in a yin- weak form, people born under the yin form, those mentioned, have great creative potential and will try to realize some of their ideas, especially from the domain of art.

The elements of water, fire and wood are missing, so they can give strong will to Dog, Tiger, Horse and Monkey which  can impose on others, and if the situation does not proceed as they wish, they will be prepared for some radical decisions and changes. The Dragon and Dog should be tactical with the people they meet and will have to be more tactful. The Rat and Tiger will be the most successful in communication, and the greatest support they can  provide, especially to Ox, Snake, Sheep and Rooster, Horse.

Metal, a sign that governs Rooster in the yin form, gives a tendency to chronic lung problems and tendency to depression. There may be possible gains from some unexpected sources and many will most likely find some additional source of income or will accept temporarily a job that is not particularly paid, but it provides an opportunity for promotion.

 Yin metal corresponds to women, and this is an element of Petal, because it symbolizes jewelry and yin earth points to creative ideas that will best be realized by persistent persons. This month is good for planning and arranging arrangements with people who are engaged in some specific business, for example, engineers, traders, while those who provide intellectual services will have to wait until they get the money for their work.

 Love life can be quite solid for couples who have long been linked, while those who are in the beginning of the relationship of the  initial advise patience, especially if they are related to wooden and aquatic signs.



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